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Seamless cloth bra strap attachment for Miss double d backless strapless air pump

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Colour: beige or black

If you worry about wearing sticky adhesive bras, but yet want to enjoy the ultra push up benefits of the miss double D air pump bra, then these seamless bra attachments that comes with velcro attachment is perfect for you. It is designed specially for the Miss double d air pump bra. Discreet and comfortable, these bra straps saves the day.

 Struggling with a Last Minute Wardrobe Malfunction because your bra simply does not give the desired push up effect?

Your current miss double d Invisible Bra gel wings are no longer sticky? no worries! Get these cloth seamless bra strap attachment replacement bra straps to the rescue and you can use this permanently instead of throwing away non sticky strapless bras.

Seamless Design. Our replacement seamless bra straps are designed to stay out of sight under your gorgeous dresses

Replaceable Accessory to our #1 Best Seller Backless Push Up Bra with Inflatable Cups for Perfect Cleavage.

Product sold only includes One (1) Pair x seamless cloth bra straps

Can be used for all sizes