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Reusable Adhesive Ultra-Soft Silicone Nipple stick on Cover Breast Pads Gel Pasties

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Reusable Adhesive Ultra-Soft Silicone Nipple Cover Breast Pads Gel Petals Pasties Bra Pad Pasty Skin (1 Pair)

If you’re looking for nipple covers to wear with your backless or strapless dress, you’ve come to the right place.

Silicone nipple covers let you wear your favorite strapless or backless dresses without having to worry about your nipples poking through your clothing or a visible bra strap ruining the appearance of your outfit. You can wear the clothes you like with confidence that you’ll look great.

There are hundreds of brands of silicone nipple covers available, ranging from cheap and low quality to surprisingly expensive. To save you reading review after review to find the best brands, we’ve tested all of the most popular adhesive nipple covers and built this website.

Best Nipple Covers is the ultimate resource for information about nipple pasties and covers on the Internet. Our reviewers test nipple covers using six different criteria to help you get the best product at the best price:

  • Comfort (Are they comfortable to wear for an entire day at a time?)
  • Stickiness (Do they stick properly, and are they easy to apply and remove?)
  • Re-usability (Can you use them more than once without the adhesive wearing out?)
  • Quality (Are they made to last or are they cheap and poorly designed?)
  • Appearance (Do they stop your nipples from showing through your clothes?)
  • Value for money (Are they a good deal or are they overpriced?)

Struggling with a Last Minute Wardrobe Malfunction because your bra simply does not give the desired effect?

No worries! Get these SIlicone nipple covers to the rescue and you can use this permanently instead of throwing away bulky or uncomfortable bras.

Can be used for all sizes