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Replacement tape adhesive gel wings bra strap refill for Miss double d backless

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Colour: clear

Adhesive Gel Wings replacement for our Miss double D air pump Backless Bra.

ALLERGY FREE: Our Adhesive Wings are safe and have been laboratory tested for skin irritation. Dermatologists approved so we know you will love our Clear Adhesive Gel Wings.

LIGHTWEIGHT FOR MAXIMUM COMFORT:durability to prevent slippage and proven to adhere to your skin securely for 8 hours.

When the tape on your backless & strapless bra starts to lose its stick, keep these replacement wings handy for sticking emergencies. Strong and effective but discreet and comfortable, these replacement wing tapes save the day.


Struggling with a Last Minute Wardrobe Malfunction because your Bra is Showing under The Dress you Planned to Wear?


Your current miss double d Invisible Bra gel wings are no longer sticky? no worries! Get these adhesive gel wings replacement bra straps to the rescue!


Have You Purchased Stick On NuBras That Were Cheaply Made That It Gave You Skin Irritations or a Red Rash or Were Too Painful to Remove? Worry no more as ours are of high quality.


Look No Further! Our Brand New Adhesive Gel Wings Are Designed For You With Your Exact Problem In Mind!


Invisible Design. Our clear adhesive gel wings are designed to stay out of sight.


Replaceable Accessory to our #1 Best Seller Backless Push Up Bra with Inflatable Cups for Perfect Cleavage.


Strong Adhesive Wings. Long-lasting and sticks securely onto the body. After use, gently wash with warm water, let air dry and the gel wings will regenerate its adhesiveness.


Perfect For All Dress Types. Backless, Strapless, Halter, Bridal Gown, Wedding Gown, Evening Gown, Sheer & Skin Tight Dresses, Bridesmaid Dresses, and many others!


Product sold only includes One (1) Pair x Gel Wings


How to care :

To maintain stickiness do not wash it. Just stick the plastic given on it after use it. Wash with water only.

Is reusable for many times. 

Keep in cool place 




1) perfect design gathered the breast together created more cleavage

2)Widen wings design picked up the bilateral excess fat under armpit.

3) Self-Stick polyolefin gel provides with stronger stickiness (Anti Drop)

4)Suitable for wedding gown/ night dressing gown/ bikini


Stickiness ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Breathable ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Warm Reminder:

* Please wipe your breast with wet tissue / bath body before stick these adhesives  for best results

Can be used for all sizes