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Chamos Acaci Trouble Skin Solution 30ml

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What it does:

A solution that is very effective to combat pimples, suppress the main cause of acne, skin calming effect, detoxification, enhancing immune cell activity, cleanse your skin, fight blemishes, prevent new ones from forming, gently heal damaged skin & effectively mitigates dark spots and scars left by troubled skin.
Main Features
It is suitable to use for acnegenic skin or skin problems.
It pacifies skin problems instantly and eases scars caused by skin problems.
Natural moisturizing factor of hyaluronic acid forms skin protective layer and reinforces holding force of moisture.
Chamaecyparis obtusa water containing most phytoncide acts sterilization, pacification and pleasure and suppresses skin problems, improves immunity function and makes your skin healthy, clean and clear.

Key Ingredients:

Dryopteris Crassirhizoma Extract 
Suppresses of the main cause of acne - propione bacterium acne, prevention of acne blemishes from forming & and to heal the skin.

Witch hazel extract 
Has excellent skin calming effect, suppress dryness & eases itches by xeroderma.

Dimethyl sulfon
Excellent detoxification effect. 

Beta glucan

By enhancing immune cell activities, intruders such as bacteria, virus, fungus or infection of parasites are minimized & prevented.

Hyaluronic Acid 

Forms a protective film layer in your skin to enhance the maintenance of moisture .

Chamaecyparis Obtusa Water 

Contains high Phytonide contents which will cleanse your skin, fight the blemishes and prevent new ones from forming and gently heal damaged skin.
Directions for use:
Use it on a clean face
Do not shake the bottle content before usage.
Use a cotton swab and dab the brown powder layer settled at the bottom of the bottle. 
Apply it to your pimples or spots when necessary.
Size : 30ml