Honey Products


Paul's Healthy Honey, Australian Organic Honey

Our organic honey products is certified by Australian Organic Food Chain. It is 100% chemical residue free which means it contains no pesticides,no hormones and no antibiotics.
Our organic honey production involves following stringent guidelines, people feel secure when they eat organic honey as compared to when they eat non-organic honey. We have a unique blend of organic ingredients such as cinnamon, ginger and lemon. 
Unlike many honey products in the market, we manage to preserve a high nutrition value of our honey products by avoiding heat treatment and pasteurisation in the processing and bottling of our honey products. For this reason, our honey products retain all the unique properties of raw and unprocessed honey which are outlined on the chart below. 


How good is your honey? Raw natural honey and processed honey


We have full certification as Product of Australia and Kosher Australia.